• Business shamed for deducting wages by Astrid Wilson

    A Melbourne-based business has been named and shamed over the practice of deducting wages from employees who took toilet breaks outside of their designated break time.

  • German software company focuses on autistic employees by HRM

    Software giant SAP is aiming to increase its number of autistic employees worldwide.

  • Leadership development: Mission Impossible? by

    Leadership capability is probably the single largest determinant of organisational success. But Geoff Aigner asks just how much impact are senior managers in HR, leadership and talent development really having in developing this capability?

  • Flurry of interest in first Twitter-integrated job ad by

    Last week saw the launch of the first ever Twitter-integrated job ad, allowing candidates to put their name forward for a position without leaving the channel.

  • Tighter scrutiny of web-browsing behaviour by Elizabeth Barnard

    Public service bosses have decided that federal employees need to be more closely monitored when it comes to their web browsing activities – is this a bad HR move?

  • Drop in apprentices damaging to business by HCA,Stephanie Zillman

    Employer groups have expressed concern about a significant drop in the number of people starting apprenticeships – a new report shows commencements of non-trade apprenticeships dropped a staggering 27% in the last quarter

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