• Recruiter unleashes explosive Twitter rant by Stephanie Zillman

    An Australian recruiter using the twitter handle @exec_hunter this week unleashed a bizarre rant on radio host, writer and comedian Wendy Harmer. After the tweets went viral, the brand damage is immeasurable.

  • Where does HR stand when disaster strikes? by Stephanie Zillman

    Australia is known around the world as the lucky country, but we’re also home to some extreme weather events. What are your employer rights when disaster strikes?

  • Australia’s most attractive employers revealed by

    In the ultimate acknowledgement of an organisation having “passionate, raving fans”, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has been voted Australia’s most attractive employer at the third annual Randstad Award.

  • Time to refocus your talent management strategies by Iain Hopkins

    In this new economy it is critical to know not only how to find the right talent, but how to keep your top performers. Innovative companies think outside the box to develop new attraction and retention strategies that appeal to top talent.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Technology - Mobile HR now a reality by External

    For this month's technology question, Nick Southcombe responds to a query about HR apps. Fad or genuine game changer?

  • Court finding sheds light on employee vs contractor equation by Iain Hopkins

    A recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia is important for employers looking for case law around the murky world of law concerning whether an individual is an employee or a contractor.

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