• Influencing people to change by External

    Change in an organisation never occurs without change in its people. Kevin Dwyer outlines how to achieve this elusive outcome and offers a free personalised report and consultation for those who take part in a change management survey.

  • ICT devoid of diversity by Cameron Edmond

    New research has shocked the ICT profession and industry, revealing alarming levels of discrimination.

  • Australia: A nation of job-hoppers by Cameron Edmond

    New research has revealed that Australian workplaces are the most volatile and erratic when it comes to employee turnover – what is driving our nation of job-hoppers?

  • Tips for dealing with death in the workplace by Tammy Buckley

    Technology advancements means HR may no longer be the one to advise an employee of a death, so what can you do to manage the bereavement process?

  • How to tell an employee they smell by HCA

    It might not be the most pleasant topic to bring up, but one expert says avoiding it can be worse – so, how do you tell an employee they smell?

  • What are the best companies for leadership? by Cameron Edmond

    Curious to see who made the list and how they got there?

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