• FWC hears case for raising youth wages by Cameron Edmond

    The case for 100% pay for 18-20-year-old retail workers is being heard by the FWC. What does it mean, and where do you stand?

  • Horrible bosses: Women denied parental leave by Cameron Edmond

    Pregnant women are being fired to prevent them from accessing paid parental leave.

  • Women workers: Negotiate for what you’re worth by Cameron Edmond

    Australian women aren’t being paid the wage they deserve – how do they fix this?

  • Onboarding crucial to retention by Cameron Edmond

    Getting onboarding right is crucial to dropping your organisation’s turn-over rates, saving you time and money, according to one expert.

  • The (r)evolution of management by External

    After a century of trying to control people, processes and information, we have come to a point in organisational history where we need to recognise that what worked before just simply isn’t enough anymore. Therese S. Kinal provides clues as to the way forward.

  • Data sovereignty: Are you covered? by Cameron Edmond

    With recent events in mind, the need to know what is going on with business and employee data is more important than ever. Are you across the board?

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