• Are you prepared for family-oriented legislative changes? by Cameron Edmond

    Among a slew of legislative changes, new “family-friendly” modifications to the Fair Work Act have come into effect. Is your organisation adhering to its new responsibilities?

  • HR Summit Brisbane: Super Saver ends tomorrow by

    You have one more day to take advantage of the Super Saver rate for the HR Summit Brisbane. This will save you at least $440 per person – even more if you register your whole team.

  • Intern drops dead by Cameron Edmond

    A hopeful intern in the US has died under unknown circumstances.

  • Changes to workplace policy unlikely by Cameron Edmond

    Based on recent polls and comments, changes to workplace policy after the federal election are unlikely.

  • Google: The end of 20% time? by Cameron Edmond

    Innovation giant Google is clamping down on the initiative that gave rise to some of its greatest projects.

  • FBT changes under fire by Cameron Edmond

    As the FBT fallout continues, one of Australia’s largest car companies has attacked Prime Minister Rudd’s changes.

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