• Cost effective L&D: Call recording by External

    As training budgets are cut further across Australia, HR managers have to think of cost effective ways to on-board new employees and get them up to speed quickly. Andrew Lamrock outlines one possible solution.

  • Made redundant when applying for maternity leave by

    In the latest of many similar cases, a woman has been made redundant after applying for maternity leave. HC investigates the laws surrounding this sensitive issue.

  • Diversity: Undervalued, under-resourced and in decline by Cameron Edmond

    Despite its proven effectiveness on employer branding, corporate decision-making and even profitability new research shows many organisations are downsizing their diversity programs and strategies.

  • Total transparency as an engagement tool by Caitlin Nobes

    It’s rude to ask what someone else is being paid, so most of us can work next door to someone for years without knowing what’s in their paycheque. Should that start to change?

  • The who, what and when of staff mobility by External

    Alan Osrin outlines what to consider when formalising staff mobility policies.

  • Termination post-medical leave: When is it okay? by HCA

    Employers are often unclear how to approach terminating an employee who has returned from prolonged sick leave, but a recent case highlights the best practice.

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