• Can you spot a fake reference? by Stephanie Zillman

    HR has a trained eye for spotting questionable details on resumes – but now some candidates are turning to fake reference services and it may be time to background-check not just the candidates but the referees.

  • The biggest office distraction: people by HCA

    The open plan office is becoming ever more common, but it could also be responsible for a drop in productivity as interruptions become easier and unavoidable.

  • High unemployment calls for tattoo-removal program by HCA

    A US city’s high unemployment rate has seen one clinic offer a new program to give job-seekers a blank slate.

  • Getting creative with employee benefits by Cameron Edmond

    A new study reveals the most innovative benefits employers are offering to combat turnover.

  • Which generation is the hardest working? by Cameron Edmond

    New research has analysed the key differences in generations, and has also found which generation of Australians work the hardest.

  • How do you attract talent? by External

    Talented and savvy potential candidates will seek all avenues to assess whether key corporate messages correlate with their personal values and professional aspirations. Fiorella Kresevic of EI Group outlines the crucial attraction phase of recruitment in the social age.

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