• Opinion: Time to modernise the antiquated model of HR case management by

    David Oakley outlines how IT can help transform HR service provisioning and management capabilities by leveraging their own service relationship ecosystem, experience, and service automation capabilities.

  • Opinion: Onboarding - Five tips to get the best out of your new hires by

    Onboarding is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of bringing people into an organisation. Karen Evans shares her tips to engage new employees and ensure they stay with the business.

  • ​Benefits for the 'I want it now!" generation by External

    Hardwired for instant gratification, some people will just never ‘get’ benefits that don’t provide an immediate pay-off . Amanda Schaake outlines why

  • Brain Power Unleashed by External

    Connie Hanson outlines 10 ways HR directors can benefit from knowing how the human brain works

  • ​Global Perspective, Local Expertise by Iain Hopkins

    With hundreds of food, beverage, cleaning agent and personal care products in its portfolio, there’s a fair chance that you encounter at least one of Unilever’s brands every day. Iain Hopkins talks to Danielle Van Den Broek about working for one of the world’s oldest multinational companies

  • Nicholas Barnett: Man in the Mirror by Iain Hopkins

    Nicholas Barnett, CEO, Insync Surveys, went from stereotypical sceptic to passionate diversity campaigner. He shares his story with HR Director

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