• ​Switched on & Ready to Learn? by External

    How can you improve the readiness of your employees to undertake learning initiatives? Lisa Rubinstein outlines one fail-safe approach

  • ​From Mud to Management by External

    It’s a long way from the brickyard to the management suite. Yet Mark Strom has found lessons learned early in life can have a significant benefit down the path.

  • ​Time to Get Creative by Iain Hopkins

    With the business world changing at a rapid rate, organisational agility has never been more critical. Iain Hopkins talks to HR Summit speaker Susan Henry about unlocking creativity in complex times

  • ​E-recruitment In Focus by Iain Hopkins

    Frontier Software General Manager Nick Southcombe talks about eRecruitment.

  • ​SHIFTING HR – leading positive disruptive change by External

    HR is shifting from service to a strategy business driver.

  • ​Workplace Bullying Case Study: Seeking a Solution by HCA

    SEEK has a zero-tolerance stance on bullying. The company’s HR director, Meahan Callaghan, shares her insights on workplace bullying with HRD

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