• Workers must delay retirement to improve the system, says executive by Chloe Taylor

    As research reveals that Australians will soon be working into their 70s, one expert has suggested ways in which a comfortable retirement might be made achievable for all workers.

  • Job ads – are you doing it all wrong? by Nicola Middlemiss

    Ads should outline exactly what you want from a new employee – right? One new study suggests you might have more success if you switch it up…

  • Changes to 457 visa program announced by Chloe Taylor

    The government announced yesterday that it will be implementing changes to the 457 program following a review – here’s what that means for employers.

  • Google executive guilty of “manterruption” by Chloe Taylor

    A Google executive seemingly contradicted the company’s mission to encourage women to pursue careers in technology when he publicly “manterrupted” a co-speaker at an industry event recently.

  • What can employers learn from Todd Carney’s unfair dismissal? by Chloe Taylor

    The former Cronulla Sharks player has been found to have been wrongfully dismissed by the team after he was sacked over a photograph posted on social media.

  • 10 HR trends for 2015 by Chloe Taylor

    An annual report has revealed some of the trends HR can expect to see in the coming months, and has suggested that the sector might be creating some of its own problems.

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