• ​Data or Die by HCA

    Research suggests the talent acquisition function has the highest business impact of any of the HR functions. David Bernstein outlines how Big Data can assist and why HR can’t be strategic without it

  • Here's the salary report you've been looking for by Cameron Edmond

    While some professions have seen a jump in salaries and others have fallen, a growing number of job-seekers have unrealistically high expectations, study finds.

  • Australian workers demanding better health by Cameron Edmond

    More and more Australian workers are jumping on the fitness bandwagon. Here's how HR can tap into the fitness craze to boost productivity and engagement in the office.

  • Opinion: The three brains of leadership by External

    Stacey Ashley explores the three brains of leadership in this week’s opinion piece.

  • The rise of the teenage intern by Cameron Edmond

    What you need to know about taking on teen interns.

  • Mining crunch hits safety workers by Cameron Edmond

    The downturn in Australia’s mining boom is a lesson for all HR pros on the ramifications of an industry’s fall.

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