• How do you handle bullying when the victim won't speak out? by Chloe Taylor

    Following the recent suicide of a 17 year old victim of workplace bullying, HC speaks to People + Culture Strategies’ Joydeep Hor, who outlines how to handle suspected bullying if the victim is scared to speak out.

  • Does your workplace need a ‘quiet room’? by Chloe Taylor

    With diversity levels rising in Australian workforces, experts and researchers are discussing the necessity of spaces provided for prayer or quiet reflection.

  • Crunching the data by Iain Hopkins

    As a new wave of employee communication monitoring technology kicks off, 2015 might be the year when HR analytics finally comes of age

  • Warnings of risks of outsourcing work after $190K case against retail giant by Chloe Taylor

    The Fair Work Ombudsman took legal action against a retail giant after employees on working holiday visas were not paid.

  • If Gelato Messina did recruitment… by

    Drawing parallels between ice cream and recruitment is not as far-fetched as it might sound, writes Katy Harris, talent acquisition manager, THE ICONIC.

  • Maximising your employee pool potential by

    When you recognise the “flavour” of the individual employee, and prioritise your time accordingly, you position them for the highest potential for success - for themselves and for the company. Kim Seeling-Smith outlines how to identify and classify the types of his employees.

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