• Reap the seeds you sow: Keeping your high performers around by Cameron Edmond

    The new generation are highly educated and entrepreneurial, but also ready to move. How do you keep the talent you trained up from taking their skills elsewhere?

  • Lighter side: Video games, wasabi and HR by Cameron Edmond

    Gamification is taken a step further with Onetest’s Wasabi Waiter. Are your candidates up for the challenge?

  • FWO audits brothels by Cameron Edmond

    Audits of brothels in VIC have found a majority in breach of workplace law.

  • ​Switched on & Ready to Learn? by External

    How can you improve the readiness of your employees to undertake learning initiatives? Lisa Rubinstein outlines one fail-safe approach

  • ​From Mud to Management by External

    It’s a long way from the brickyard to the management suite. Yet Mark Strom has found lessons learned early in life can have a significant benefit down the path.

  • ​Time to Get Creative by Iain Hopkins

    With the business world changing at a rapid rate, organisational agility has never been more critical. Iain Hopkins talks to HR Summit speaker Susan Henry about unlocking creativity in complex times

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