• Disrupting the market through HR by Miklos Bolza

    One advisory firm has gone the extra mile when it comes to retaining staff and making life difficult for the competition.

  • Gossip: is it a symptom of company sickness? by Nicola Middlemiss

    When employees engage in gossip it breeds mistrust and disharmony in the workplace. But it could also indicate a bigger problem lurking in the background...

  • Power to the people – but what does it mean for HR? by Iain Hopkins

    New research indicates that Millennials prefer 'personal power' leadership over traditional positional power.

  • Opinion: Digital disruption empowering the next-generation workforce by Contributor

    Organisations are having to become more focused and responsive to the needs of customers as they are increasingly more digitally connected and to meet their expectations of near instantaneous answers and action. But the creation of a consistently positive customer service environment requires engaged and equipped employees, as Michael Stelzer writes.

  • The No. 1 reason people leave their jobs by HCA

    The leadership skills of managers are the greatest source of employee fulfilment, writes Ciaran Foley, head of Frazer Jones, Australia

  • Case Study: Australia Post by HCA

    HRD looks at Australia Post’s innovative approach to driving new business revenue, employee engagement and retention.

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