Workplace law in review

by Cameron Edmond25 Jun 2013

Over the last month or so, a number of changes in workplace relation laws have impacted Australian workplaces.

Amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 and The Fair Work Amendment Bill, as well as changes to wages among other things have seen the jurisdiction for the FWC ramped up, an increase to the minimum wage and more.

To recap, here is a quick round-up of the changes that will be affecting you, your employees and your workplace:


  • by Benno 25/06/2013 3:45:03 PM

    Great article. With so many changes happening it can be hard to keep up. The new compliance requirements and threat of fines from DIAC can be dealt with if the correct procedures are in place. There's a great blog at that I came across the other day - some good articles around workplace laws especially in relation to migration.

  • by Jenni 26/06/2013 8:56:40 AM

    Thank you, articles like this are really helpful in keeping up. Much appreciated

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