Workers plan to jump ship post-recession

by 04 Aug 2009

More and more employees are getting ready to jump ship when the recession ends in both the UK and Australia.

New figures from the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reveal that more than one-third of workers want to change their careers once the economic crisis is over.

In Australia there is also a significant in crease in the amount of people who are will ing to change jobs, according to the group manager with Frazer Jones, Paul Breslin.

“Anecdotally, usually out of about 1000 people you might expect about one-fifth to want to change jobs. Now, however, at least a third want to move, if not more,” he said.

Claire McCartney, the CIPD’s talent and resourcing adviser, said the poor labour mar ket was acting like a dam holding back the normal flow of talent.

“Once job opportunities increase, howev er, dissatisfied employees will vote with their feet and leave, making it important for em ployers not to take the loyalty of their people for granted,” she said.

“Employers need to be careful to avoid complacency. The recession may keep your best people with you for now, but you need to take the time to focus on building employ ee engagement if you want them to stay put when better times return.”


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