Women need to socialise with their male bosses to get ahead

by 20 Apr 2010

Women have been told they can help improve their career prospects by socialising more with their male bosses.

Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout said that being in the minority in a lot of firms, especially within the senior ranks, makes it hard for women to progress, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported.

One of the ways in which women could help themselves get ahead in the workplace was to socialise with their male bosses, Ridout said.

“The way people get on in workplaces is by being competent, committed and loyal. But it's also joining in and being engaged.

“It's not going to the pub on Friday night and talking about football necessarily but it is going to the pub and having a talk and getting on with your workmates and being generally interested in what every one does,” she said.


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