Why are you leaving? Exit survey benchmarking

by HCA22 Jul 2009

Insync Surveys, a customer, board and employee survey provider, now benchmarks employees' reasons for leaving against other organisations in their database.

Insync Surveys CEO James Garriock said: "Many of our clients are using the ceasefire in the war for talent to implement retention strategies. Attrition will be a central problem for industry in coming years as the economy turns up.

"Any organisation without a third party to benchmark exit survey data can be misleading themselves since there are underlying issues which cause a certain amount of unavoidable attrition in all organisations.

"For example, even in a top paying organisation some employees will leave and cite pay as their primary reason. Only benchmarking would let this organisation know that relatively speaking, very few employees are leaving due to pay.

"Our unique exit benchmarking allows business leaders to confirm their gut instincts with hard facts. This is powerful because organisations can now find out what's having a greater impact on employees' decisions to leave compared to other organisations."

Insync Surveys' Entry/Exit Survey has been designed by organisational psychologists. It is an online and independent source of feedback allowing employees to be open in their responses. The benchmark data has been gathered over five years from thousands of responses.



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