Watch the first post-recession movers

by 20 Nov 2009

Companies can learn to be more prepared for the expected upturn in 2010 if they keep a close eye on the trends of the first post-recession movers.

According to Bridget Beattie, regional general manager for Right Management, these “first movers” are those who invest in growth at a very early stage in the economic recovery and will have a competitive advantage in 2010

A number of trends have already emerged among the companies moving quickly and Beattie said she believes these trends will be the foundations for growth in 2010 and are those which other companies should keep a close eye on.

Some of the trends among the “first movers” include aligning talent plans with the new environment.

“The skills shortage will re-emerge, the unemployment rate has not risen as high as expected, and we have not stopped getting older in the past two years,” said Beattie. “Staff turnover will accelerate as ‘post-restructure prisoners’ stop thinking about changing employers and start acting.”

Other important trends for companies to note are the importance of re-establishing the employee/employer relationship which was potentially damaged during the recession.

“In order to move forward and ‘re-engage’ their workforces, first movers are acting on the outputs – good and bad – of exit interviews, employee satisfaction surveys or employee engagement surveys,” said Beattie.

Companies are also emphasising the importance of re-defining leadership, developing health employee engagement, and focusing on doing the business basics well.


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