Values key to meaningful change leadership

by HCA04 Dec 2013
Values-based leadership is gaining traction worldwide as a useful management tool to increase engagement levels and lift organisational performance. Through choices and decisions guided by a set of consistent values, leaders can help build a culture that focuses on the common good of the organisation. Such a shift sees a transformation not just in the nature of the organisation but in the role of managers and leaders, and the way that success is measured.

At national broadcasting organisation SBS, HR director Mel Tunbridge recently went through both a personal and organisational journey to apply values-based leadership principles. The result has been improvements in both leadership and engagement levels within the organisation and many lessons learned along the way.

Tunbridge, a finalist in the HR Director of the Year category at this year’s Australian HR Awards, will be sharing insights into this journey at the National HR Summit next April. Find out how you can drive change leadership even in the most resistant of organisations.

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