US companies not tapping into social media

by 19 Nov 2009

US companies are not tapping into social media’s full potential a recent study by Deloitte has revealed.

The survey of 400 US companies found that while they’re effectively using online tools to engage with customers, partners, and employees for brand discussion and idea generation, they continue to struggle with harnessing social media’s full potential.

One of the main obstacles identified is that while people knew about the social media options, they were not fully engaged with it and were what was described as “lurkers”.

According to the survey, some of the biggest obstacles to creating a successful community are getting people to join (24 per cent), stay engaged (30 per cent) and keep returning (21 per cent).

“The obstacles can be easily remedied through partnering and new management practices. However, the study indicates that very few companies are taking the steps necessary to overcome these challenges,” Katherine Milesi, a partner of Deloitte’s Online Practice in Australia.

According to Milesi Australian companies are still a long way behind in terms of social media. While some are embracing it, both for their customers and employees, others are still looking and learning, and many still aren’t paying attention.

A survey of a group of ASX executives revealed that only one from a group of ten said social media was a topic of discussion in the boardroom, yet there was unanimous agreement it should be.


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