Unleash your 'people power': The ROI of Hilton’s L&D program

by Iain Hopkins19 Mar 2013

Strong customer relationships are what fuel business strategy and market share. This is doubly true in the service industry, where customer service expectations are increasing and thanks to the internet and social media, both positive and negative feedback from customers is both accelerated and amplified.

To succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, organisations need to embed a strong customer service ethic into their corporate culture. For leading global hospitality brand Hilton Worldwide, this process began with an ambitious L&D plan – the ‘Blue Energy’ initiative, which encourages Hilton employees to express their passion and commitment to customer service and a positive culture.

Kate Bergin, Director of Human Resources for Hilton Sydney will be discussing Hilton Worldwide’s L&D plan and its regional rollout in Australasia at the HR Directors Forum in Sydney next month. Attendees will gain valuable insight into creating a company-wide culture of sharing best practice. HR professionals working in service industries will be interested in how this approach improves customer service, while the lessons learned in engaging employees with the L&D program and how it unleashed Hilton’s ‘people power’ will resonate across the board.

You can find out more by registering for the upcoming HR Directors Forum. Held alongside the National HR Summit in Sydney next month, the HR Directors Forum is restricted to 50 HR directors and senior decision-makers.

For more information and to register visit the event website.


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