Unfair dismissal: the go-to claim for employees?

by Chloe Taylor24 Oct 2014
Employers should be aware of the risk of unfair dismissal claims when considering disciplinary action against employees, according to a Melbourne lawyer.

“Unfair dismissal cases are complex and costly if handled incorrectly, which is stressful for managers,” Mark Howard, partner at HWL Ebsworth told HC.

According to Howard, these cases are becoming increasingly common due to the ease with which employees can access them.

“Effectively what we’re dealing with is the most high profile kind of dismissal case,” Howard said. “It’s the number one challenge we see – it’s not open to all employees but is the easiest and cheapest remedy for a challenge to dismissal.”

Howard will be speaking on unfair dismissal cases at the Employment Law for HR Managers masterclass in Melbourne on 11 November.

“The talk will be practical,” Howard told HC. “It will introduce simple guidelines that employers can follow to assist them in minimising the risks for their business. We will examine, based upon case law, the requirements of procedural fairness.”

Howard’s seminar will help employers to protect themselves against the risk of unfair dismissal accusations. 

“It will finish with a termination of employment checklist for employers,” he said. “We will consider key lessons for employers from recent case law.”

To book your seat at the Melbourne masterclass, click here.


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