Unethical recruiters tarnishing the industry

by Stephanie Zillman04 Feb 2013

Australia’s recruitment industry must be more tightly regulated to stop ‘cowboy’ recruiters.

That’s according to Shaun McCambridge of Stellar Recruitment, who said unskilled and unethical recruiters were an ongoing issue and tarnishing the reputation of the sector.

“There are no qualifications needed to become a recruiter, often little to no training available and no regulations to manage conduct – anyone with a phone and a computer can call themselves a recruitment business,” Stellar Recruitment managing director Shaun McCambridge said.

He added that it’s time to introduce better regulations, and enforce penalties for poor and unethical conduct. Doing so would raise the standard of professionalism and ultimately reduce the negative impacts on job seekers.

“There are good recruiters who know the market they recruit for well, foster good relationships with their candidates and clients and listen to their needs,” he said. “Bad recruiters on the other hand are money focused, fail to forge and maintain relationships with clients or candidates, don’t understand the industries they work in and often push candidates into unsuitable roles.”


  • by rose rixon 4/02/2013 2:54:13 PM

    Yes I definately agree with him. There are way to many dodgy recruiters out there that are letting people down and when they talk to us we are appauled by the unethical dealings that some are getting away with. we have been in the recruitment business for just on 27 years and you don't do that by not looking after you clients and candidates properly.

  • by Ian Fung 4/02/2013 3:21:08 PM

    Perhaps "we" as recruiters should penalise clients for not giving feedback, going MIA and putting a hiring freeze on. This is sales… if a candidate isn’t suitable for a role, that’s life. Recruitment is a free service for candidates. If we all took the time to contact every candidate to explain why they we aren’t using their CV, we would waste ¾ of the day. At the end of the day, our aim is to send good CVs to good clients.

  • by Robert Yacoub 4/02/2013 3:23:31 PM

    I do strongly agree with Shaun and many of us hoped that these "cowboys" would get out of the profession while times were tough and money was dwindling. Unfortunately many have been able to hide under the radar and skate by doing what they do best and give the rest of our industry a undesirable reputation.

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