The war for talent is over

by 25 Jun 2009

The war for talent is over according to a controversial new international report from a UK based think tank.

Challenging the traditional thinking about the relationship between talent and organisa tional success, the report states that talent is about people and their potential and not just about the jobs and skills they have acquired.

“Talent is abundant and takes many forms. It is not just about high flyers who are des tined to become top executives or high-level specialists,” said Les Pickett, ambassador for the think tank, Tomorrow’s Company.

Pickett said that companies need to change the way they manage talent.

“It is a nice quirk of the English language that ‘talent’ is an anagram of ‘latent’, underly ing our view that much talent remains hidden and undiscovered,” said Pickett.

The report states that this is a defining mo ment for HR because HR executives should have a very significant influence over people policy and behaviour in organisations.

“It provides the senior executive team and operating managers with a highly visible indi cator of success or failure,” said Pickett.

In the next issue of HR Leader we will fea ture a report by Les Pickett on Tomorrow’s Global Talent.


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