The coolest HR jobs in Australia?

by Sarah Megginson04 Apr 2014
Cultivating a list of the coolest HR jobs in Australia is a subjective task, but it should come as no surprise that some people “want to desperately work for some businesses, and avoid others like the plague,” said HR professional Natasha Hawker from Employee Matters.
“Mostly, it can be put down to culture,” she added. “My thinking is that if more businesses focused on their cultural strategy, many of the other metrics such as performance, productivity, attrition and engagement would increase as a result.”
Some organisation’s who appear to be hitting the mark include:
Virgin Australia
Putting aside the travel perks, the opportunities for international career growth, the strong corporate culture and the company’s reputation for innovation and change… Putting aside all of this, there’s also the fact that as part of Virgin Australia’s executive team, you’ll have the opportunity to potentially meet and bond with Richard Branson. Enough said. 
They are fiercely private and protective of their brand, to the point that employees are forbidden from sharing images taken at Apple HQ online, lest they accidentally reveal a high-profile project to the masses. But from the scant details of Apple Australia that are shared, it’s clear that the creative hub of all things music, movies, apps and computer products is one cool place to work. All of the perks you’d expect from a tech giant are here – think generous health care benefits, fat share parcels and enough travel to land you in the Qantas Gold lounge – plus plenty of opportunities to advance your career internationally.
Channel Ten
If it’s a challenge you want, a challenge is what you’ll get at Channel Ten – the embattled TV network has dealt with more programming, lineup and talent changes in the last few years than it would care to admit to. Some of these haven’t been handled too sensitively, but there are few organisations where talent management is important – and you’ll have room to improve, working alongside CEO Lachlan Murdoch to help the network thrive.

Do you think we’ve missed out the coolest HR job from our list? Write your suggestions below…


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