Telstra shift workers win pay dispute

by 01 Jul 2010

Canberra-based Telstra shift workers are set to collect thousands of dollars in back-pay following a year-long dispute with union members.

According to the Community and Public Sector Union, its members questioned if they were being paid properly in regards to public holidays and time off in lieu almost a year ago.

It said that many Telstra staff raised the matter individually with their local management who “kept promising to look into it”.

“After six months without any resolution, union members got together and contacted the CPSU for advice,” a statement from the union explained. “Members then developed a plan to raise awareness in the workplace and take the issue for up with management as a group.”

In April the CPSU wrote to Telstra senior management comprehensively outlining the problems and what members were entitled to.

At the union's request Telstra undertook a full review of payments for public holidays and time off in lieu for Canberra based staff.

This review resulted in many of the Canberra-based shift workers getting significant back payments of several thousand dollars.


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