Teleworking on the rise

by 04 Aug 2009

The number of workers paid by the hour in the US using flexible scheduling benefits such as teleworking is larger than expected, a recent study has revealed.

The study, Flexible Work Arrangements for Non-exempt Employees, by WorldatWork, found that a surprisingly high num ber of companies are allowing non-exempt employees to tele work, despite traditional limita tions such as work hour and safety requirements.

A total 45 per cent of survey re spondents (61 out of 135 organisa tions) reported that they include non-exempt employees in those programs. Based on previous oc cupational survey data, the re searchers expected to find only about 15 per cent allowing non-ex empt participation.

The three biggest industrial sectors allowing non-exempts to telework were manufacturing, edu cation and business services. Manufacturing came as a surprise, because it is traditionally dominat ed by non-exempt employees working on site.

“As flexible programs grow in both scale and scope, policy de velopment in this area will become a critical human resource manage ment issue,” said Charlie Grantham, managing director of Work Design Collaborative.


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