Sydney employers dealing with sporadic attendance

by Chloe Taylor15 Oct 2014
Sydney is in disarray as the city copes with the aftermath of last night’s storm.

Public transport into the CBD was delayed this morning, meaning that employers should expect delayed arrivals from staff.

Fire and Rescue Strike teams were sent into the southern city to assist in the efforts to clean up Sydney and volunteers have also been helping with storm clean up this morning.

According to the Fair Work Commission, “employees, including casual employees, can take community service leave for certain activities such as voluntary emergency management activities”. This can be applicable if “the activity involves dealing with an emergency or natural disaster” and “the employee engages in the activity on a voluntary basis” or “the employee is a member of, or has a member-like association with a recognised emergency management body.” 

Tony Eid, the director of operations at Sydney Trains, described the chaos caused to The Sydney Morning Herald, disclosing the efforts to rescue passengers last night who had been trapped as the rail network flooded.

“The water was right at the height of the door and we had 12 people on board," Eid said. "The motors of the diesel train had shut down; otherwise we would have reversed it out. Just after 12.30am the water subsided enough for us to get them off the train and into taxis."

The Bureau of Meteorology was maintaining its severe weather warning this morning as conditions remained harsh, particularly offshore with heavy rain falling.

Clarification on when employees can take community service leave can be found here


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