Staff engagement drives customer service at insurance firm

by 27 Jul 2010

Online insurer The Buzz Insurance has won 2010 Australian Business Award for Innovation with the help of an extremely high internal staff engagement score.

Ninety per cent of the firm’s staff said in an internal survey that they felt engaged with their employer, compared to a global employee engagement average of 82 per cent.

With the help of its staff, The Buzz has recorded online conversion rates in excess of 30 per cent in comparison to global insurance standards of about 15 per cent.

In the 12 months since it launched it has a Net Promoter score for customers with claims of 98 per cent

The 2010 Australian Business Award for Innovation sets a benchmark in Australian businesses for introduction of a new idea, method, technology or process.

The Buzz CEO, Jacki Johnson it is employees that make the difference when it comes to the crunch. “You constantly have to vigilant on the culture and behaviours required to drive innovation. Recruiting for skill and the cultural traits that align with the business culture is vital,” she said.


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