Spotlight on Lifetime Award winner

by 17 Jun 2013

Gareth Bennett was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in the HR Industry award at last year’s Australian HR Awards following an illustrious career with Ford, AMP, AGL Resources and Freehills. We caught up with Gareth, now Managing Director of R&R Consulting, to find out what his HR Awards experience was like.

How did it feel to win the highest honour on the night for Lifetime Achievement in the HR Industry?
I was very honoured, because being recognised by your peers is fantastic. I also felt very humbled because in that room and among my colleagues in HR, there are some fantastic achievements.

What did you think of last year’s awards?
I had a fantastic night and it was a great surprise to win an award. I think it’s good that HR people are recognised at an event like the Australian HR Awards and the contribution that they’re making to businesses is truly appreciated. A few years ago that wasn’t necessarily the case and they had to prove themselves every day.

Now HR people are very firmly the centre of the business agenda and that’s the way it should be.

Online nominations for the 2013 Australian HR Awards are now open. Visit for more information and to submit your entries.


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