Social media useless in landing a job

by Iain Hopkins29 Apr 2013

When asked to explain the purpose of maintaining a LinkedIn profile, a new survey of Australian executives has found that while social media extends their networks, it doesn’t land them jobs.

A survey* by BlueSteps, a career management service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), provided insight into the role of social networking websites and the role that they play in career management.  While the vast majority of senior executives have an active and up-to-date LinkedIn profile, and many had been approached by a recruiter via LinkedIn, just 6% had found a job as a result of membership.

The number one reason provided as to why they continue to use LinkedIn though, is to expand or stay connected with people in their network. Only 19% of those surveyed were using LinkedIn to find a new employment opportunity.

Significantly more than half of the executives surveyed thought having a LinkedIn profile was either extremely important, or important for their overall career management strategy.  Christine Hayward, managing director of Asia Pacific at the AESC commented that while clearly websites like LinkedIn have had an impact on the hiring landscape by enabling executives to make themselves publicly available, the key to finding new roles more often comes down to face-to-face networking and the ability to establish a unique personal brand in the market.

*Of the 100 Australia-based executives surveyed, some 46% were either in a managing director (28%) or CEO role (18%). The remaining participants in the survey held job titles such as Chief Operations Officer (9%), Chief Financial Officer (8%), SVP (8%) or EVP (6%).


  • by Greg Weiss 6/05/2013 10:03:39 AM

    LinkedIn is not just about getting a job. It's about having a credible LinkedIn profile so you project who you are and what you stand for in the way you want to be seen. LinkedIn is one projection of your personal brand.
    If you take the premise that 'I Google you and you Google me', then it's critical to:
    1. have a LinkedIn profile and
    2. properly populate it and keep it active profile.
    Why? Google's algorithm ranks LinkedIn profiles highly. This means that one of the first impressions you likely make online is via your LinkedIn profile.
    In helping many executives improve their personal brand, I found they have a poorly structured and populated LinkedIn profile - as well a reasonably inactive one.

    On the recruitment angle mentioned in the article: I know of at least one company that successfully used the LinkedIn Recruitment package to hire an Executive, saving about $250,000 from the traditional approach of using a Search firm for the same amount of money.
    Social media and in particular LinkedIn is a game changer. This is the way of the future.
    If the percentage that the survey asserts is low now, then this will grow as more companies realise the recruitment market has changed in favour of using tools like LinkedIn.

    You can read about the cost savings also and more about this how the company saved money and what to do with your own LinkedIn profile here:

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