Social media – a cheap and easy recruitment option

by 26 Nov 2009

Incorporating social media into a recruitment strategy does not have to be a particularly costly or time-consuming exercise, a recruitment consultant has advised.

“Recruiters need to understand that they don’t have to devote all of their time and money to incorporating social media tactics to their recruiting strategy – it doesn’t have to be excessive or over-complicated,” said Martin Warren, principal consultant at recruitment training company, Insidejob.

Warren, who will speak at the upcoming conference Social Media: A Recruitment Revolution in Melbourne said that recruiters need to be able to put a business plan together to justify how a social media program can help the organisation meet its business aims and get support from “up top” before they start up a social media community.

“From a business point of view, they must focus on growing their networks and reaching an audience they wouldn’t normally,” he said. “It’s all about taking baby steps and not overburdening yourself. Small projects like alumni groups are easily incorporated into an existing recruiting strategy, and they don’t need a lot of manpower either, just someone to keep an eye on them.”

Companies such as Deloitte, Pacific Brands and St.George Bank are among those already using social media communities effectively, he said, adding that setting up an alumni community on LinkedIn or on Facebook is a good place to start.

Building a network, conducting competitor research by monitoring what others are doing and building a strong digital profile are three ways organisations can start using social media to recruit.

For a full report on social media and recruitment see the next issue of HR Leader


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