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by 23 Mar 2010

HR Leader reveals some of the latest products and services for HR professionals

1. Theatre of Leadership

Every day decisions that determine an organisation’s future direction, its priorities and performance ride on the oral communication skills of its leaders. Research shows that our voices and our expressive ability have immense power to influence the outcome of any interaction. Put bluntly, the economic success of a company depends on how effectively those in leadership positions use his or her communication skills.

The Theatre of Leadership™ is a unique training company combining leading–edge leadership research and practice with presence training, voice and speech skills and performance techniques to help managers, executives and CEO’s develop the expressive skills to communicate, lead, and influence on the business stage. This involves developing skills that go far beyond what is traditionally taught as presentation skills. The focus is on helping leaders connect, engage, persuade and inspire. Today the world wants authenticity, interest, substance and style from its leaders. Everyone needs more presence, charisma, influence and impact. Especially those in leadership roles.

To take your leadership communication skills to the next level of performance, call the Theatre of Leadership on (03) 96996444, visit or email

2. ‘The Workforce Planning Imperative’

Due for release April 2010

Workforce Planning is no longer an emerging issue….it is now a business imperative with businesses of all sizes holding the CEO or Board of Directors accountable for evidence based workforce planning. It is however a new discipline which requires new skill and knowledge. Following the success of her first book ‘An introduction to workforce planning – are you ready for crunch time’? (2008) Julie Sloan offers a straight forward, user friendly but more comprehensive workforce planning book with practical information, tools, templates and resources. An essential book for all personnel designated responsibility for Workforce Planning regardless of the size of the business.

Julie Sloan, Director Workforce Planning Australia. Author The Workforce Planning Imperative (2010) An introduction to Workforce Planning (2008) and principle author of the inaugural Standards Australia Guidelines on Workforce Planning. (2008) for more information /to order please visit

3. How people and processes can drive or limit change

Making Change Happen, a new program designed by AGSM Executive Programs, will challenge participants to shape and implement organisational change.

In two interlinked modules, participants will develop and improve their change management capabilities through effective leadership, planning and communication. Participants will bring a live change project to the program which they will work on under the guidance of expert faculty. Through simulations and executive coaching participants will sharpen their ability to manage resistance and buy-in. NIDA Corporate Performance will introduce communication techniques essential to be an effective ‘change agent’.Making Change Happen starts on 12th May 2010 in Sydney.

Contact AGSM Executive Programs to find out more about this program: Phone: 1300 692 476 Email: Web:

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