Portugal living up to talent management prowess

by 22 Jun 2010

While the real World Cup is beginning to heat up in South Africa, analysis based on global talent management status by Towers Watson predicts that Portugal are odds on to walk away with the title.

And following their 7-0 demolition of Korea DPR last night, the Portuguese look to be living up to their talent management prowess.

Towers Watson used a weighted average of country employee opinion benchmarks against the latest FIFA rankings, and found that Brazil and Portugal would face-off in the final of a global talent management competition.

Its analysis is based on employee data from the 32 participating countries and looks at the drivers of superior team performance.

“We thought it would be fun and interesting to apply our research and expertise to predict the winner,” said Yves Duhaldeborde, managing director of employee engagement at Towers Watson.

“In short, we believe that Portugal would be the team most likely to win the World Cup, beating Brazil in the final. Serbia would beat Greece in the third place play off.”

“We used a weighted average of the TW Index (2/3) and the FIFA rankings (1/3) as that combination provided a fairly realistic option with a few surprises,” said Duhaldeborde. “Other solutions tested were too similar to many pundit results and other predictions so we thought we would keep it interesting.”

The analysis predicts the latter stages of the World Cup would look like this:


Brazil beat The Netherlands

Serbia beat Mexico

Greece beat Germany

Portugal beat Italy


Brazil beat Serbia

Portugal beat Greece

Third-place play-off

Serbia beat Greece


Portugal beat Brazil


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