Organisational acceleration “critical” for Australian businesses

by Cameron Edmond02 Sep 2013

Australian business and talent leaders are emphasising the need to drive organisational acceleration in their companies. Sixty-nine per cent of surveyed business leaders are pursuing customised, precise and sustainable strategies to achieve results, Deloitte’s report, Resetting Horizons: Human Capital Trends 2013, stated.

Organisational acceleration refers to a new framework for strategic change that involves embracing and adopting change quickly throughout organisations to deliver measurable results.

“21st century leadership models demand hands-on, creative leaders,” David Brown, consulting human capital partner at Deloitte, said. “Executives now gauge the success of a change program by how it solved a specific business problem, not merely whether it was implemented.”

Deloitte’s research covered over 1,300 organisations in 59 countries, and found organisational acceleration to be in high demand globally, especially in the Asia Pacific area.

“The survey results show that global leaders have more of a sense of urgency compared with Australian leaders. Eighty per cent of Australian businesses and talent leaders believe organisational acceleration is highly relevant today compared with 86% of global leaders,” Brown said.

Organisational acceleration becomes critical when one considers the commonality of change programs failing due to wasted time and effort. Brown stated that through organisational acceleration, businesses can harness analytics to help guide the company faster and more efficiently through insight, precision and lasting impact.



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