Only 5% of employees recognise HR as vital

by 13 Aug 2009

Only 5 per cent of employees recognise HR as being fundamental to business survival, a survey by the European Leadership Programme (ELP) has revealed. The survey also found more than a quarter of employees felt HR expertise was the least important skill for their CEO to possess when leading their organisation through the tough economic climate.

57% of people get best ideas in the shower

People get their best ideas when in a relaxed state, according to research by The Thinking Network. The shower is where most people get their best ideas followed by bed (51 per cent), driving (42 per cent), walking (28 per cent) and exercising (25 per cent).

3,000,000 unemployed in UK by Christmas

Unemployment in the UK will reach three million by Christmas, economists have warned. Researchers at consultancy firm Capital Economics have predicted the three million milestone will be reached earlier than was expected, with unemployment rates hitting 3.5 million during 2010 and not falling again until 2011.

96% improve efficiency in a downturn

A survey of 229 senior executives worldwide conducted by SAS found that economic uncertainty helps to improve decision-making. Survey respondents sought to diversify the sources of information used to make vital decisions, with 46 per cent looking for more insights from middle managers, 57 per cent citing the importance of customers and 33 per cent mentioning providers of capital.


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