Network to “recession proof” your career

by 26 Nov 2009

Networking has been cited as one of the top three ways to hold on to your job and “recession proof” your career, according to a report released by Hudson.

According to the report, all relationships count and by maintaining as many contacts as you can you have more options of people to turn to should you need work in the future.

It suggests that if you really click with someone at work you should try and maintain contact with them because they will probably want to work with you again in the future. Most importantly, though, is to be sure to stay in touch with all your former managers.

Social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are great places to start networking, it says, and make it easier to stay in touch with large groups of people.

Other ways to “recession proof” your career are by excelling at what you do and knowing exactly what is expected of you in your role, be results-driven, and focus on developing new skills.

“Don’t just sit back and coast along,” states the report. Instead it suggests that employees should be constantly looking at what skills they can acquire now that will assist them further down the track.

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