Netflix’s Queer Eye star sues employer over trans medical bills

by Emily Douglas02 Aug 2018

A transgender man, who appeared on Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye, is suing his employer over their health coverage for trans workers.

Skyler Jay, who works at the University System of Georgia (USG), has launched a suit to remove all trans exclusions from all colleges under their remit, LGBTQ Nation reports.

Whilst the university is notable for it’s inclusive atmosphere, Jay claims that when he sought coverage for his transition from female to male, and the complications that arose within the surgery, gaps began to appear in their manifesto.

Writing on his GoFundMe page, Jay shared: “Getting my top surgery has been the most important thing in my life for years, and I never would of predicted that my body would have such a horrible reaction to all the drugs I was put on to have the surgery. During my healing process I have also been dealing with trying to get insurance coverage for my necessary care and surgeries.

“My current job has transgender specific exclusions when it comes to Trans healthcare access, which is part of what got me into the situation of needing help in the first place.

“I am currently bringing a case against the University System of Georgia to have these exclusions removed for all of the public colleges and universities in the state under the USG system. This is another unforeseen financial cost I have carried this last year.”

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