Most in-demand Australian companies revealed

by Cameron Edmond30 Oct 2013

LinkedIn’s InDemand Employer rankings were released last week, and revealed the most sought after employers in a number of regions. Analysing the data of more than 238 million members, LinkedIn examined brand reach and engagement between potential employees and the organisations.

Here are the top 10 most in demand employers in Australia:

  1. Rio Tinto
    Top skills: Mining, iron ore, minerals.
  2. Leighton Contractors
    Top skills: Earthworks, road, mining.
  3. Google
    Top skills: Distribution systems, Python, Google Adwords.
  4. John Holland
    Top skills: Rail, earthworks, project control.
  5. Origin Energy
    Top skills: Gas, upstream, oil/gas.
  6. Microsoft
    Top skills: Cloud computing, partner management, enterprise software.
  7. Worley Parsons
    Top skills: FEED, EPC, refinery.
  8. NBN Co Limited
    Top skills: Stakeholder management, project delivery, transmission.
  9. Qantas
    Top skills: Airlines, aviation, airports.
  10. Accenture
    Top skills: Business transformation, business process design, management consulting.

Of the top 10, only NBN Co Ltd and Origin Energy are new entrants; all others appeared last year. The list shows Australia is still heavily geared towards mining and energy companies, which differentiates the list from those on the global list. This global list is dominated by employers  involved in technology and package consumer goods.


The global list is as follows:

  1. Google
    Top skills: Distribution systems, Python, Google Adwords.
  2. Apple
    Top skills: iLife, IWork, OS X.
  3. Unilever
    Top skills: FMCG, consumer products, trade marketing.
  4. Procter & Gamble
    Top skills: Consumer products, FMCG, shopper marketing.
  5. Microsoft
    Top skills: Cloud computing, partner management, enterprise software.
  6. Facebook
    Top skills: Python, algorithms, distribution systems.
  7. Amazon
    Top skills: distribution systems, scalability, algorithms.
  8. PepsiCo
    Top skills: FMCG, consumer products, shopper marketing.
  9. Shell
    Top skills: Petroleum, upstream, oil/gas.
  10. McKinsey & Company
    Top skills: Management consulting, financial modelling, market entry.


  • by maria dimolianis 30/10/2013 4:33:41 PM

    Seriously!?!?!? I was one of the people asked by Linkedin to provide input into this "survey" and the ONLY companies put forward were these 10!!!

  • by Deborah 31/10/2013 11:31:59 AM

    It's sad that only large companies appear in these sort of rankings. I work (and have worked) for some awesome companies that are smaller than the ones listed above. Pity they don't get a look in.

  • by Cameron 31/10/2013 1:02:28 PM

    Thanks for your comment, Maria. In the supporting blog post on the topic, LinkedIn stated that the list was compiled byanalysing the interactions of its user base and didn't mention actually surveying any users.

    In addition, many other organisations made the list, although further down, and can be viewed here:

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