Modern HR: tech to make your job easier

by HCA27 Jan 2015
Despite advances in technology, HR executives still spend 25% of their time on paperwork and recordkeeping, according to research conducted by Accounting Today.
Fortunately, there are several apps offered on mobile platforms that help alleviate the stress, headaches, and hours that typically go into benefits oversight and administration.
They include:
  • BambooHR – used by Disqus, Pinterest, and Klout, BambooHR integrates with benefit providers to allow for online enrollment, and information is synced to other business functions to reduce data errors and eliminate the need for multiple entries
  • ADP Mobile Solutions – Free with ADP subscription, it’s worth noting that 80% of Fortune 500 companies use at least one ADP product. Their HR software provides access to benefits information, which can be filtered by category, plan type, or coverage level. That material is organised to include the date that policies go into effect, benefit reminders, and employer contributions.
  • TribeHR – Although TribeHR has no widespread utilisation yet, this app allows for state-of-the-art monitoring of employees’ time off allowances. Managers can easily respond to requests, which is then stored in the worker’s history. Employees also are able to keep track of how much time off they’ve earned, and how many of those hours they’ve expended to date.
  • RescueTime, My Minutes, and WorkFlowy – while not for HR executives specifically, leaders can encourage employees to use these time-saving apps. Features include assistance with scheduling tasks, advice for how workers can spend their time more effectively, and tools for collaborating online.
With these tools in mind, HR can be even more value-driven and efficient in 2015.


  • by Vinay Johar 28/01/2015 4:51:45 PM

    Tech has made the life of HR much easier now and with advent of apps like Workflowy it is just becoming more interesting and better.

  • by Valentire 2/07/2015 6:45:33 AM

    The automation of many recruiting processes such as search of potential candidates, their filtering and basic evaluation have already easyfied the life of HR managers. Next step is the access to full profiles of candidates with very detailed information on their skills, passions and experience. There are even platforms - ex. that provide video endorsements made by candidate's former managers, coleagues and professors.

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