Migration legislation changes imminent

by HCA05 Aug 2009

Changes to Australian migration legislation will come into effect on 14 September 2009. Dealing with 457 business sponsorship, these changes revise the obligations owed to sponsored employees, introduce civil penalties for non compliant sponsors, and modify the process for obtaining permission to employ people from overseas.

Significantly the new obligations will apply to all existing visa holders and include the requirement to pay a market salary and to keep certain records that are to be given to Immigration officials on request. Other aspects of the new system will include greater sharing of information between a sponsor, a visa holder and other state or Commonwealth bodies involved in policing work place relations and occupational health and safety laws.

In the lead up to these changes employers will need to review their current practices to ensure that they will be compliant once the new laws are in place. Migration experts Fragomen will be holding a series of workshops to discuss these changes. For more information email sydneyinfo@fragomen.com


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