McDonald’s manager investigated over bizarre job interview questions

by HRD18 Jan 2018

A manager at a far north Queensland McDonald’s has been placed on leave pending an investigation into an incident that transpired during a 16-year-old girl’s job interview.

HRD contacted McDonald’s for comment and a spokesperson said McDonald’s takes any matter of this nature incredibly seriously.

“The allegations described are unacceptable and when McDonald’s head office was informed of this matter yesterday we started an immediate review,” said the spokesperson.

“We have made efforts to contact the mother to seek further details, in addition, the manager has been placed on leave to allow us to conduct a full and fair investigation.”

The girl reported being asked questions such as whether she believed she was beautiful.

"Poor thing was so scared, and confused by ‘do you think you’re beautiful?" narrated the girl’s mother, Rita Pryce, in a Facebook post.

When the girl replied “Uhhh...I guess...yeah...” the manager allegedly said “Well that's what YOU make of it.

“Just when I was furious to hear that in the car minutes later from my daughter while she was crying – scared after feeling intimated through the entire interview, she told me about the rest of it," wrote Pryce.

Pryce said it was her daughter’s first job interview.

The girl was also allegedly scrutinised about coming from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait and asked what two and two added up to, reported the Australian Associated Press.

The manager also made comments about why she did not yet have a job at her age.

"I was hoping this would all fade from my mind, but NAH! Those inappropriate questions left my daughter feeling sexually harassed and racially vilified," she said, adding that her daughter was “so scared” after the interview.

The mother confronted the manager and told him the girl now “feels sick in the stomach” every time she passes the large, yellow “M” sign.

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