Master social media or risk losing relevance

by 17 Sep 2009

Recruiters who fail to get up to speed with new technology risk losing future talent to competitors – yet social media recruitment strategies remain foreign territory for many in the industry, Trevor Vas, founder of the Australasian Talent Conference, has warned.

Recruiters should be using this relatively quiet period effectively, he said, to develop their recruitment strategies and break into the "digital and social age”.

“This is the perfect time to reassess recruitment and sourcing strategies, find more efficient ways of doing things and think differently about candidates and how to reach them,” said Vas.

“Recruiters will need to cast their nets out wider as the demand for specialist skills gradually picks up in line with improved business sentiment. Employers will once again be fighting for the same talent and it’s no longer enough just to rely on job boards.”

Vas said there had been a social media explosion in Australia which employers and recruiters needed to embrace.

“If you aren’t engaging online you will simply lose relevance to the growing number of Gen Y users who rely on social media platforms to gain trusted career advice before applying for a job. Older demographics are also following suit,” he said.


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