Lighter Side: Starship Enterprise shaped office – brilliant or barmy?

by Nicola Middlemiss05 Jun 2015
Well-designed workspaces are credited with keeping employees happy and improving engagement but one company’s new headquarters is going above and beyond when it comes to offering an interesting work environment.

App developer NetDragon Websoft has constructed a 260-metre homage to Star Trek by designing the company’s HQ to look exactly like the Starship Enterprise.

“Trekkie” Chairman Liu Dejian spent the equivalent of US$97 million in his mission to recreate the iconic spacecraft after obtaining the rights to design from CBS.

“That was their first time dealing with issue like this and at first they thought that it was a joke,' the company said in an email to the Wall Street Journal.

Dejian already has a reputation for being more than a little eccentric and has been described by the Chinese media as a “big child.”

The outlandish leader has been known to fill offices with fun gadgets such as segways and arcade games but his latest toy will be hard to beat.

Located in the eastern city of Fuzhou, the building covers the area of three football fields and comes with the same sliding doors featured in the show – to divide work areas, of course.

Also inside – although we’re not sure how relevant these are to Star Trek – there’s a 10 metre slide from the third floor to the ground and a life-sized replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

The Starship Enterprise office in Fuzhou.


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