Lighter Side: Heineken’s hilarious hiring campaign

by Nicola Middlemiss15 May 2015
Sitting through hours of interviews is a repetitive process and when you’ve got the very best recruits vying for a spot on the team it can be hard to discern which one wins – that’s why Heineken decided to do things a little differently…

The Dutch brewing company received a staggering 1,734 applications for an intern position on its event and sponsorship marketing team but rather than grilling candidates in a conventional interview, the organisation decided to push the potential new employees out of their comfort zone.

In a recruitment campaign dubbed “The Candidate,” Heineken staged a series of bizarre events during each applicant’s interview, while secretly filming their responses. 

This is the final product:



  • by Georgie D 20/05/2015 5:23:49 PM

    I love that Heineken went outside the boring way interviews are conducted. By asking people questions and acting out situations that would not normally be asked or conducted they got a new employee. Well done.

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