Lighter side: Desk tells you to stand

by Cameron Edmond13 Jan 2014
With the dangers of sitting down all day having been dispersed throughout the media for some time now, companies are beginning to take interest in the idea of standing desks.

As with every product, it takes a few awkward steps before someone cracks the code, and a nagging desk that tells the user to stand up might be the ticket.
Former Apple engineer JP Labrosse’s latest venture, Stir, has unveiled a table that will nudge you to stand-up, News Ltd reported.

The table uses an in-built heat sensor to determine whether you are at your desk and, if so – based on the preferences you have set– will nudge you gently to stand up. Need a bit more time to sit? Just ignore it – but when you are ready, just tap the desk twice and it will rise to standing height.

“It learns your patterns, remembers your preferences, and lets you know if you’re not moving enough,” the company explained.  “[Other sit/stand workstations] are either too hard to use, disrupt other worktop equipment, or simply get left in one position for too long because you’re thinking about something else.”

Now if only I could get one that tells me when I need another coffee…


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