Lighter Side: Brave jobseeker sends Mad Hatter to office

by Nicola Middlemiss20 Nov 2015
One creative job seeker definitely caught the attention of bosses after she roped her acquiescent husband in to help deliver an Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired application.

Making the most of her Scottish surname, MacHatter, the Glasgow-based hopeful sent her obedient spouse into Made Brave – a digital creative agency.

Mr MacHatter was – of course – dressed as none other than the Mad Hatter himself.

Her obliging other half theatrically commanded the attention of the entire office before announcing that he was there to “deliver a CV on behalf of Mrs MacHatter.”

The cover letter, safely enclosed inside a glass bottle, read: “There is no great genius, without a touch of madness.”

But Mrs MacHatter’s unusual application will likely come up against some stiff competition because the agency actively encourages would-be employees to apply in the most creative way possible.

“We get people sending us jigsaws and we get a piece every day and that becomes their CV,” revealed founder Andrew Dobbie. “We get a lot of cakes and videos sent in. One guy sent us in a video of him as the Lion King – I think he’d torn a stuffed bear apart.”

So was Mr MacHatter’s fancy-dress escapade in vain? According to Dobbie, it’s too early to tell.

“We don’t know if she’s got the job yet but we’ll give her the interview,” he said.


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