Lighter Side: Alarm glitch annoys employees

by Nicola Middlemiss23 Jan 2015
More than a few Australian employees turned up early to the office this week after one service provider accidentally set the time back to daylight savings – whoops!

Virgin Mobile and Optus networks were affected by the bug, which saw smartphone clocks set back an hour – despite the fact that Queensland decided against daylight savings in 1972.

Many customers set off on their commute early and didn’t discover the glitch until they arrived, let’s say, more punctually than they’d intended.

However, there were a couple of up-sides to the unpleasant situation…

To apologise for the problem, and to help out any particularly tired customers, Optus offered all those affected a free coffee if they showed their smartphone at a city centre café in Brisbane.

Virgin Mobile went one step further - offering vulnerable people in the city a full meal if affected customers used the hashtag #mealforameal when uploading snaps of their free early morning lattes.

Although managers may have been smiling about that one hour of extra man-power both companies now claim to have fixed the issue – so it’s back to normal.

Some twitter users however, are not convinced. One wrote: "Soooooo who's setting a different alarm tonight just in case?" and another wrote: "Wondering what time #optus will wake us in the morning."


  • by Grae Gafia 23/01/2015 3:21:32 PM

    If AEST was advanced by 30 minutes and DST abandoned, the mistake would never have happened. Australia would have 3 time zones 24/7/52 and the synchronising of clocks on the eastern seaboard would be far better for the National economy. Brisbane is, after all, 38 degrees longitude from Perth and that is 2.5 hours in anyone's language. The solution is just so simple. It's about time!!!

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