Laughter’s the best medicine

by 06 May 2010

If a colleague passes their work onto you for some reason, just do it poorly to ensure they never pass it on again. Or, if you can’t work out how to use the photocopier, destroy it.

Those are just two suggestions found in “WTF? Work: How to Survive 101 of the Office's Worst F*#!-ing Situations," a new book that offers tongue- in-cheek careers advice.

From oversleeping and missing a job interview to being fired for no reason, job woes are now a great source of humour, say authors Gregory Bergman and Jodi Miller.

Their book addresses workplace scenarios, from dumbing down a resume to getting a menial job, to what do if the receptionist hates you for no good reason.

“People are in need of a good laugh, and they enjoy listening to stuff that has to do with jobs and lack of jobs," said Miller. "Misery loves company."

Other advice from the book includes:

• If you're job hunting and realise you had sex with the job interviewer and never called her back, tell her you liked her so much you were afraid of getting hurt.

• If someone keeps taking your stapler, booby-trap it with explosives or glue it to the desk.

• If the boss keeps calling you by the wrong name, change your name to match the one he is using.


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